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Does your Business "Flow"?

Sage has rebranded and refreshed its image with "Flow" being the standout word and idea.

Steve Hare, CEO of Sage, said: Sage’s new look reflects the simplicity, fluidity and confidence the company can provide customers, through greater control and insights, that enable small and midsize businesses to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.

This renewal is based on real knowledge about our customers, our partners and associates, and society. It is a symbol of what we stand for, of the successes that have brought us here, and a promise of the experiences we will deliver in the future as we build a network of trust for SMEs.” 

“This isn’t just a change of the symbol - it’s a symbol of change. It’s really time to show that Sage has refreshed its approach in terms of how it’s serving its small and mid-sized businesses."

In terms of the change in logo, Hare explained: “It’s not a name change. It’s very clear that there is this flow, this smoothness, which is to reflect our focus on removing friction for our customers, automating this more digital experience.”


In line with the changes, Sage has announced a series of new services focused on offering knowledge that contributes to faster and smarter decision-making, and that allows nurturing the trust of customers and partners:

  • Sage Membership: anyone with a subscription to Sage software will automatically have access to all the benefits of Sage Membership, including Member Masterclass, an exclusive service that includes advice and opinions from world-class experts on topics related to business development. Sage Membership is the first step in Sage’s commitment to providing information with a human touch and will go live in May.
  • New digital services: Sage will double down on its commitment to simplifying business through a series of new services, including giving SMEs access to basic accounting tools directly through their banking application or web browser. Sage Accounting and Compliance as a Service (ACaaS) will launch in the UK in May.
  • New associations: Sage will continue to invest in communities and create unique customer experiences, bringing business simplicity and faster, more accurate decision making to its customers. Additionally, as the official sponsor of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Sage, together with its partner Parthéna Consultants, will provide software to the event hosted in France.


So, to quote the famous martial artist and film star, Bruce Lee 

“The idea is that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing.”



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