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Draycir Spindle Document Distribution

Distribute and archive your documents automatically with

Spindle Document Distribution

Built with you in mind

Send documents via email, adding additional email recipients automatically and archiving documents into SharePoint, CRM or a local network. Specify contact information extracted from current systems and select stationery type using ERP or accounting system data to create required templates

  • Batch document distribution

    Distribute batch documents according to customer preferences, whether by email, print, fax, or archive.

  • Branded document templates

    Utilize a branded template automatically to elevate your business's identity and incorporate promotional messages. Customize advertising messages to cater specifically to different customer groups.

  • Send any business communication

    Upload and dispatch various document formats to any type of contact, whether within the organization or externally.

  • Archive documents

    Automatically store files in designated locations, including CRM, ERP, and/or Sharepoint.

  • Send to multiple contacts

    Include more contacts in your emails or send customized emails with the same document to each recipient individually.

  • Personalise correspondence

    Utilize up-to-the-minute data pulled from your ERP database to tailor customer correspondence to their individual needs.

  • Add attachments

    Attach additional files to your digital communication, such as relevant invoices, delivery instructions, and more.

  • Faster invoice payments

    Add the Pay Now button to all of your emailed invoices. Enable your customers to make secure payments online from their invoice via PayThem

Spindle ROI

Draycir Spindle 

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