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Where a standard Sage package doesn't fit your requirements, we can develop solutions that fully integrate with Sage – giving you the optimum performance from your core business software. Sapphire are one of the few companies to hold “Sage Professional Developer” status.


    Working across a diverse number of industries both in the private and public sector, Sapphire understands that bespoke solutions can facilitate business processes, aiding in optimising their efficiency on a day-to-day basis. Bespoke solutions remove barriers allowing businesses to grow and expand over time, and are adaptable as the business' individual needs evolve.


    We pride ourselves in working closely with clients to establish an understanding of their specific needs and requirements. Once we understand the problem, we review possible solutions and then submit detailed plans of how these solutions would work for you, along with costs and schedules of development. Within the review phase we might also develop working models to make understanding the solution easier. Once agreed, our developers would then build the solution and test as required. The modification is then passed to the customer for user acceptance testing, prior to releasing onto a live system. This approach keeps you in control at all times.

  • Over the past 25 years we have gained an outstanding reputation for our development, delivery and quality.