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Sage 200 Hash (##) Orders

Do you ever get that annoying issue when stock is allocated and you don't know where?? 

When running reports and viewing Sage 200 screens to see an order with a weird order number/reference beginning with ###.... characters?

If so, read on, this post is for you!!!

This phenomenon can happen when processing an order and the system/pc has crashed and it hasn't been able to give the current order a proper order number.

 In some cases these can be cleared by removing disconnected logins - Tools (Cog) > User Login Status > click Log Off on any users who are showing under disconnected logins.

If this does not work, then this is when we use the clever stuff in the steps below.

  • To view all the hashed (##..) Sales Orders in your database, navigate to Sales Orders > Enquiries > Sales Document Status.
  • When the workspace has loaded, in the Document No column filter enter a hash (#) and the screen will refresh to show any orders in your program beginning with a hash.
  • If there are orders here with a future date or today's date make sure to check with any users in the system that they are not currently raising a Sales Order.
  • Take down any details you need to re-raise the order if necessary (you can view the item lines in the lower half of the window)
  • Right click the order you wish to cancel/remove and select Actions > Sales Orders > Amend Order Status > Cancel Order
  • You can now re-raise the order or allocate the stock elsewhere.